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New Years resolutions for your home

Tips to make your house a home, this year.

Do you make New Year's resolutions? Well, you can make them for your home, too.Here are a few things you could do to start the new year off right!Get rid of clutter. It’s probably the best and least expensive way to feel better about your home. Don't ...

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Cool features you could add to your Custom Built Home!

It's your chance to have some fun.

There's a reason we call it a 'Custom' home.Your head will be full of things to think and/or worry about if you decide to build a new custom home. However, have some fun and use creative thinking to come up with some unique features to make your home ...

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Tips for Moving to a New City

Some packing advice to make the move easier

If you're building that dream home in a new city, here are some tips to make moving easier. It's time to pack Clothes It's officially time to emotionally detach yourself from your clothes, we know it's tough to get rid of clothing items ...

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Making Your Custom Home Kid-Friendly

Make smart choices before you start to build

Unfortunately, many homes are not designed with children in mind. Here are some great kid-friendly ideas to add to your new home! Storage, Storage, and More Storage! One thing that all parents and home owners can agree with is that they need ...

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