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Tips for Moving to a New City

Some packing advice to make the move easier

If you're building that dream home in a new city, here are some tips to make moving easier. It's time to pack Clothes It's officially time to emotionally detach yourself from your clothes, we know it's tough to get rid of clothing items ...

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Plan ahead for your new home essentials

Some things you won't want to forget

The day has finally come - the first night in your new home!  It's just dawned on you that you have not prepared anything for you and your family's first night. Don't panic, we are here to help!  Your "First Night" Bag Whether ...

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Are You Ready to Build a New Home?

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait

If these five things are going through your mind, you're probably ready to build your next home!   1. You Need Space Whether your family has officially outgrown your current home or you're drooling over the thought of a larger deck or ...

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