5 signs that your ready to build your next home from McLean & McLean Custom Homes

Are You Ready to Build a New Home?

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait

If these five things are going through your mind, you're probably ready to build your next home!


1. You Need SpaceYou need space for your family

Whether your family has officially outgrown your current home or you're drooling over the thought of a larger deck or a home office, it's a sign that it's time for an upgrade! One of the many benefits of hiring a custom home builder is that you can decide what features to incorporate into your new home that best suits your family's needs. Outgrowing your home should be viewed as a great opportunity, not a headache. If you're feeling like your running out of space, building is probably the way to go!



2. You are Interested in a Specific AreaMcLean & McLean Custom Builders can build you the home of your dreams in the neighborhood of your dreams

So you have fallen in love with a neighborhood - it's close to work, walking distance from your children's school and a couple minutes away from your must need amenities. Sounds great, what's the problem? Finding the perfect house in your perfect neighborhood is unfortunately easier said than done. Building your next home allows you to have more control over choosing the area that you love and then you can switch your focus onto what you want your home to be. If the idea of living in a new neighborhood excites you, you are ready to start building your dream home! 


3. You Have a Bigger BudgetA hand holding keys to a new home

You have run the numbers and came to the conclusion that you're financially stable enough to move to a bigger and better home! Having a higher budget will ensure that your home is everything you want it to be and more, even a small budget can get you great things. Most people assume that building a home is more expensive then purchasing an already built, but it is often the opposite! Settling into a new home should be an exciting time. Unfortunately, for many, they feel a strong sense of buyer's remorse, not because they bought a home but because they are not financially where they wanted to be.


4. You Don't Want to Deal With SurprisesOlder homes can come with a lot of fixed that can't be fixes with a band-aid

We can all agree that older homes have their charm, but often behind their charm is an abundance of hidden problems. Broken plumbing, gross mold and even cracks in the foundation are not as charming. Your home will be built with new materials and hopefully under warranty so you don't have to worry about expensive repairs in the future. Building a new home reduces your chances of unwanted surprises and helps your stress levels significantly. Let's face it, moving into your new home should be a fun experience!



5. You Have a "Dream Home" Board on PinterestWoman excited about all of her design ideas for her new McLean & McLean Custom Home

We live in the Pinterest age which means many of us have unrealistic expectations that just can't be achieved with an older styled home. If you're like the average Pinterest user that means you have a dream home board that you drool over daily. When you go through the home building process you can actually make your virtual dream home a reality!




Are you officially ready to build your dream home? Call 780-951-6810 today! 


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