Building your custom home with fur-babies in mind

Your new custom home...

Built with your fur-babies in mind

When you begin the process of designing your custom home don't forget about your pets - this is your chance to create a pet-friendly home! 

Built In Pet ShowerPet friendly shower in new home

If you have fur-babies then you understand the need for your own washing station! Taking your dogs to the groomers can be expensive while giving your pet a bath can be messy especially in your own shower or bath tub at home. The solution is to have a pet washing station built into your mud room, laundry room, garage or even outside to clean your dogs of dirt and mud before they come inside! Doggy showers are a convenient feature for pet owners and will have all your friends wanting to bring their own puppies over for a wash.

Built In Litter Box

For cat owners the number one priority is to hide the litter box and the smells that come with. Just because litter boxes smell doesn't mean your whole house has to! When designing your custom home you have free range to have a litter box space anywhere you want! You have the option to build a space in the wall, cabinets and even a tunnel that leads to somewhere else in your home! By creating a designated space for your cat's bathroom space it leaves the litter box out of site from your guests. 

Puppy Gate

Installing custom doors throughout the home is a great way of keeping your animals in a specific area of the home when needed! By adding these doors throughout your custom home they actually double as the perfect baby gate for little ones, ditching the old-school baby gates that are often unattractive and oddly shaped. Dutch doors (a door that is divided into two parts horizontally, allowing one half to be shut and the other left open) are another great option as a baby gate that can be used for animals and children. 

Custom Feeding Stations 

Are you tired of your floor being constantly wet from your dog's water dish or stepping on hard pieces of kibble? A well-placed feeding area for your animals is an important part of having a pet-friendly home. A popular idea used by many is to have a pull out drawer at the bottom of a kitchen counter that holds food dishes that can be easily hid when guests are over. 

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pets have claws, accidents, drool and endless hair! These are four things to consider when you start to pick your flooring for your custom home. Bamboo is a great option that is more scratch resistant than hardwood and is less likely to stain from pet accidents or drool. Vinyl and stone tiles are also a great option that is both pet and children resistant. We do not recommend carpet since it easily stains and it collects hair more than a flat surface that you can easily sweep. The only place you should consider carpet would be on any stairs in your home because it prevents injuries for your pets. 

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