Reasons to build your home in the spring

Build your dream home now!

It's about time that spring showed up!

With Spring, comes new beginnings... and maybe a new home?

Birds are chirping and the grass is turning green -  spring has officially arrived! Spring symbolizes fresh beginnings, so why not have a fresh start with a new home? Spring is the perfect time to build your dream home and we have the reasons why! 

1. Holidays in Your Home 

Imagine your next holiday season in your new home with your family, all settled in. Once the festivities begin, the last thing you want to be doing is unpacking boxes or frantically calling your family members to see whose guest bedrooms are available because your house isn't quite ready. With your custom designed home from McLean & McLean Custom Home Builders you can have your whole family over for the holidays! 

2. Get a Head Start

Summer is usually the busiest time for home builders. If you wait for mid-summer to begin your home, you run the risk of builders being backlogged with other homes. Start building in spring and be ahead of the rush! Another advantage of getting on the calendar early is you have undivided attention from your home builders! It's like having the same amount of attention that you would have if you booked during the winter months - minus having all of  the delays that winter brings. 

3. Weather is Perfect

What's the best reason why you should build your home in spring? Mother Nature is on your side! Cool and dry weather is the most ideal when building a home - which makes spring and fall the best months for building. Scorching hot and freezing cold temperatures put a damper on building materials as well as the workers progress. Summer weather causes humidity which can cause issues for paint, cement and plaster to dry properly. Once the main components are built, your workers will be able to finish the interior of your home sheltered from the beating down sun. Winter months lead to snow and less sunlight in a day - this can set back building plans by weeks! Less stress is caused when building in spring! 

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