Tips to help your winter, window humidity issue.

Colder weather means condensation!

A few tips to keep it to a minimum.

How to stop ice build up on your windows before it becomes a problem.

Are the windows in your new home, frosting up in the colder weather? Is there a buildup of ice inside?

Just living in your new home causes humidity to be added to the air. Things like showering, doing laundry, drying clothes, cooking or dishwashing create moisture. On a cold, winter day, the humidity may increase and can cause damage to floors, cabinets and windows. The ideal humidity should be around 35% but in winter, it may need to go down as low as 15%, temporarily to avoid condensation on windows and other issues. When the weather gets better, levels will need to increase to prevent permanent damage.

A good way to determine your humidity level, is to get a hygrometer. It will read your levels and can help you adjust it. New homes naturally have a higher level because the of curing concrete and wood. This releases moisture and will increase the humidity. As your home gets a bit older, you should see the levels are easier to control.

Some tips that may help with the levels are:

  • Vent the kitchen fan directly to the outside, to lessen the moisture created from gas appliances.

  • Clothes dryers should be vented outside, as well.

  • Be sure to check these air intakes and vents outside your home, to make sure they are free from ice.

  • Keep your humidifier on your furnace going. You can lower it during colder weather but remember to turn it back to normal, when it warms up.

  • Remember to turn on the bathroom fan to get rid of moisture from hot showers.

  • Open a door or window for a short period of time, to allow moisture to escape.

  • Run your exhaust fan periodically (you can even get a timer for it).

  • Do not cover hot or cold air registers. You need to keep air flowing. Your doors should be left open.

  • Avoid washing floors on extremely cold days and run the exhaust fan, if you have to do so.

  • Keep blinds and drapes open during the day to allow air flow from cold glass.

It is normal to have a small amount of frost on your windows on really cold days. Typically, a new home will put out more moisture in the first year and a half so it may be difficult to control the amount of condensation, during that time. However, it will be easier to handle after that.

If you're looking for more information on this topic, contact your builder or search online.

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