Cool features you could add to your Custom Built Home by McLean & McLean

Cool features you could add to your Custom Built Home!

It's your chance to have some fun.

There's a reason we call it a 'Custom' home.

Your head will be full of things to think and/or worry about if you decide to build a new custom home. However, have some fun and use creative thinking to come up with some unique features to make your home truly your own. Consider things that you've missed in previous homes or things you'd just like to have.

Here are a few ideas you may want to include in your home design to make it your original space.

  1. A deep basement or higher ceilings

    Building a custom home, you have the opportunity to modify the tiny details that can have a major impact. You can increase the height of your ceilings. Adding a foot of extra height with a deeper foundation or increasing the ceiling height in the rest of your home, can make the space feel more open and inviting.

  2. Mudroom

    Something that may have been missing in a previous home would be a mudroom. This is your chance to get one now. It doesn't have to be big but include cubbies and a bench, for sure.

  3. Custom shelving

    The biggest difference of building a Custom Home over a pre-owned one, is custom features. Choose to add some built-in shelving that will perfectly fit the space and your needs. You could always use more storage space so add them in places you may not normally think of. We've even seen amazing use of space by putting storage into or under your stairs!

  4. Central vacuum system

    Who wants to haul around a big, bulky vacuum? A great feature to solve this problem would be to make room for a central vacuum system. It can be added later but much, much easier to plan for it at the build stage. You can add an outlet on every floor to make it more simple for those quick clean ups, too. All you have to carry is the hose!

  5. Heated floors

    Becoming very popular is radiant heated floors. It includes warming coils that are installed under your floorboards and can be turned on with a switch. It's a wonderful addition to bathrooms for those cooler mornings! We all know how Alberta's winters can drag on, so this could warm you up and make your home even cozier.

  6. Larger garage

    This is something that many people really like. Whether you use your garage for large vehicles or a 'shop' or just more storage, some regular garages don't accommodate your needs. If you have a wider lot, it may allow for a three car garage. Another option would be to make one spot deeper for that extra space. Even an extra two or three feet in either direction can make a difference.

  7. Extra outlets

    This may not be a super fun option but it's totally worth doing! It's much cheaper to add these where you want at the design stage so think about how you use every room in your home and see where an extra one would be needed. Even consider seasonal things like Christmas decoration, indoors and outdoors. Electronic devices and appliances are constantly used so consider all your options.

  8. Smart devices

    Self-programmable thermostats, as well as smart heating and cooling systems are being added to homes a lot! Considering to add them at the initial phase of home building, will save you money, down the line. You can also think about 'smart' doorbells, locks and other security devices or some amazingly 'smart' kitchen appliances, if you want to get really fancy.

Take advantage of the control you get when building a custom home. These features will make your day-to-day living easier and most likely increase resale value, if you end up selling later on. Ask us about what features we can implement into YOUR new home.

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