Laundry rooms on main floor and second floor

Laundry Rooms: movin' on up!

It doesn't have to be in your basement anymore.

When designing your new home or even just renovating, you have options for where to put your laundry room.

Back in the day, laundry rooms were typically in the basement. Having had that in the past, it may not be a great option if you don't like going downstairs to do the laundry. Today, they can be put on main floors or second floors, as well.

Main floor laundry rooms:

  • With a washroom or kitchen near by, it has convenient access to tie into existing plumbing.

  • It's a neutral spot and won't keep people awake, if doing laundry at unusual hours.

Second floor laundry rooms:

  • 95% of your laundry comes from the upstairs rooms, so it'll save you from hauling it up or down the stairs.

  • You could put the laundry basket directly in the laundry room, eliminating the need to have one in every bedroom.

  • Doing the laundry should take less time due to these facts. You'd also be putting them away faster with the rooms close by.


  • Running the dryer in the summer, could make the upstairs rooms hotter. Keeping the door shut will help this.

  • Vibrations can be a problem with some front loading machines. However, there are ways to keep that down by choosing a machine that has good reviews, vibration pads or even purchasing a top loading machine.

  • Flooding can also be a cause for concern. Occasionally, these machines can overflow. Making sure you have a drain pan, using steel braided hoses and having a water shut-off valve, are ways to make this a safe option.

Remember that you don't always have to allow an entire room for your laundry space. If space is limited, it can be hidden in a closet or cabinet. Possibly, even with enough room for some shelving. Keeping your budget and needs in mind, you can make either location work well for you and your family.

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