Reasons to build a custom home!

5 Awesome Reasons to Build a Custom Home!

A custom built home can be a reflection of YOUR style.

Why should you build an M & M custom home?

Besides the fact that you'll get everything you want, the way you want it... 

  1. Family planning: building a custom home gives you the opportunity to design your living space with future needs in mind. Most people will decide to uproot their family and move to a bigger home when their family grows. With a custom home, you can make accommodations for those situations at the planning stage.
  2. Open concept: Many families want a space that can allow for cooking, relaxation and sitting for a meal to happen together. With a custom floorplan, you have the opportunity to design those spaces for your family environment, while at the same time, allowing for privacy.
  3. Entertainment: If you enjoy having company over often, you can make considerations for gathering areas. Maybe a custom patio or a larger great room to accommodate a comfortable entertaining area.
  4. Having a say in the details: this is your chance to decide what does and doesn't go into your family home. It can be an expression of your style and a great time to explore the choices in how you live. Take into consideration all the things you've been missing in previous homes and make sure they're in your new one. In most cases, you already have a choice with colours, fixtures and flooring but with a custom home, you can include specific spaces or styles into your plans.
  5. Opportunity to choose your own builder: Custom means choices and when building your home, you should be able to choose who builds it for you, as well. Don't let that choice be decided for you and get the best builder for your plans. One that uses the best materials and takes pride in what they do. Usually, a custom builder takes on less homes in the year so they can dedicate more time to YOUR project.


Make everything about building your dreamhome be your decision
and get your builder working for you.

There are even more great reasons to do a custom build
so contact us today at 780.951.6810 to discover what works for you.


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