Tips for Moving to a New City

Tips for Moving to a New City

Some packing advice to make the move easier

If you're building that dream home in a new city, here are some tips to make moving easier.

It's time to pack


It's officially time to emotionally detach yourself from your clothes, we know it's tough to get rid of clothing items that you might need in the future. A great rule to follow is if you haven't worn an item in the last 12 months or even at all it's time to put it in the donation pile. Make sure to hold onto all of your shoe boxes, they work great for moving shoes and other small items that can fit inside and around the shoes. Don't want to take out all of the clothes in your dresser? Good news! If you go through a moving company they will wrap tape around your dresser so the drawers don't budge during the moving process, so don't worry about your folded clothes. 

Labelling is your best friend Moving to a new city - tips to make it easier

When packing, everyone reaches a point where they just want to throw everything into random boxes and call it a day - don't do this! Try separating and labelling and even color coding your boxes for each room so you or your movers know exactly where each box is meant to go. By doing this moving day will go much smoother!

Pack a suitcase

Moving takes times, especially to a new city. Packing a suitcase/bag for each of your family members that's filled with everyday necessities, a couple sets of clothes, pajamas, and anything else they absolutely need will make it easier on you. Keep any valuables like small electronics, jewelry, and anything with sentimental value with you just in case of damage or theft.


Do you Have Everything in Order? 


Make sure to let your bank, credit card and insurance companies know that you're moving. If they see frequent card use in a new city randomly they might become suspicious. To avoid headaches in the future, it's best to get on the phone sooner rather than later.


It's a good idea to have a copy of your medical records from your family doctor and to get any prescriptions you need refilled. Moving to a new city means you are on the hunt for a new doctor which could take a little while.


Your cable, water, gas, electric and any other home utility companies that you're moving. You don't want to be stuck with a bill for a house you don't even live in anymore!


When your moving it's smart to let your previous employer know the address you're moving too so they are able to send you any paper work or tax documents if need be. 

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