Making Your Custom Home Kid-Friendly

Unfortunately, many homes are not designed with children in mind. Here are some great kid-friendly ideas to add to your new home!

Storage, Storage, and More Storage!

One thing that all parents/home owners can agree with is that they need more storage. A mud room is a great way to organize items that often are left scattered at the entrance of your home, make sure to have a specific cubby or area for each child to place their backpacks and boots in so you aren't left tripping over them. With kids comes toys - and lots of them. To combat the overflow of these toys leaking into different areas of your home, look into adding furniture that double as a great storage unit and as something functional like a bench. 



Let's face it, kids are messy - no matter how quick you are with the wet wipes! When designing your new home or even renovating your current one, make sure to discuss with your builder or contractor that you need stain repellent fabrics and durable paints. Semi gloss paint is a great option for walls in kid areas because you can easily wash off even the most stubborn markers and crayons. Children and carpets are not always the best match but if you have your heart set on carpets, carpet tiles are always a good choice. If a spill happens (which it most likely will) you can easily lift up the tile with the mess and properly clean it, or even replace it if need be. 


Safety is Key

Sure your home is safe for adults, but is safe for children? Try switching your sharp-edged furniture with something that is rounded especially when it is eye level with your kids. Light switches, door knobs, stove knobs and many other things in  your home can easily become a hazard for your little ones, make sure that all outlets can easily be covered with furniture and invest in safety plugs for ones that aren't. Make sure to keep anything breakable or dangerous on high shelves and out of arms reach. You could even install permanent baby gates in certain areas of your home that slide in and out of walls so they are not seen and are out of the way when not in use, this idea beats dealing with the traditional clunky baby gates.


Kid Areas

When designing your home you're fortunate enough to have the option of adding in areas for your kids other than their own bedrooms, potentially saving other areas in your home from ware and tare. When kids get their own specific areas it makes them feel special, have them help pick out colors and furniture so they can make it their own. Whether it's inside or outside, or both, there are plenty of different options like a study room, play room, or even an entertainment room for them and their friends to hangout. 


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"We couldn't be happier with the finishes"
"We were so pleased with the new house M & M designed and built for my husband and I. Every detail that we felt important was included in the project and we couldn't be happier with the finishes. It was like an HGTV show!

~ Greta V.
"Stress free"
If you are looking for a stress-free building experience, look no further for a builder. Right from start to finish, we can't say enough about how smoothly everything went. From the builders to their contractors, everyone was so helpful and easy to deal with. No question ever went unanswered and they stand behind their work. We would recommend McLean and McLean to anyone looking to purchase a custom home.

~ Miles & Kelly Rasmuson
"You have built our dream home!"
We want to thank you for bringing our vision to life. You have built our dream home! You were on site daily to make sure everything was progressing as planned and ensuring no details were forgotten. From the preliminary stages through to the end, we could see the integrity that you have and it is evident through your entire construction team. It was a pleasure getting to know your family and we would absolutely recommend you to any of ours.

~ Ryan and Breanna Rantucci
"Beautiful home with high-end finishes"
We had never built a home before. We got a couple home designs that we liked off of the internet and they had an architect put what we liked best about the two designs together into one house plan. Scott and Michelle were very supportive about what we envisioned and provided their expertise and advice to us along the way. Their crew was excellent to work with and very accommodating whenever we wanted to check in on things. The build was right on time and the end result was as we had hoped; beautiful home with high-end finishes, classic with clean lines and, most of all, welcoming and comfortable for our family, friends and guests.

~ Lori Hiller